2 min readMay 22, 2020


I’m a sucker for self-affirmation. I get so happy when I see sticky notes or stickers on the walls of rooms, constantly reminding me of who you know deep down that you are. It’s easy to let oneself be blinded by all the things you want to be, and lose sight of all the things that you have become, that you are. Why not focus on what you can be right now and tread gently on what you WANT to be. You may never acknowledge little details of your life because you’re too worried about how to be a better this or a better that, a stronger this or a nicer that.

Let’s be vague;

You so badly fear failing a course that you do not celebrate the ones you passed.

You really want a good-paying job that you forget all the beautiful things your hands are able to do.

You are so scared of gaining weight and losing shape that you do not see how beautiful and flawless your skin looks.

I’m a sucker for self affirmation. I like to say things that I am. That I can be. I easily get discouraged. I easily lose heart. I easily get scared and give up on a dream. It takes a lot of pushing to get me to lift afoot to take one step. That’s how feeble I am.

Sometimes I think I’m a dud. You know, one of those products that are not bad but do not function properly. I wonder why I am the way I am. I do that so much in comparison to what the world thinks. What the world says.

Right now, I’ll say I’m perfect. I am as the Lord has made me. I am on track. I am perfect. I am beautiful. I’m blessed. I don’t do too much. I am just okay. Matter of fact, I am more than enough. God finished work on me. Ha! Yes, I said it. I am a masterpiece. A very highly recommended spec.

I’m bubbly and excited now but best believe me that I may not feel like this in the next hour or tomorrow. It will definitely happen. I’ll see myself in the mirror again and my confidence may recoil. I’ll try something new again and I may fail. I will see someone doing what I couldn’t do and I’ll write off my efforts. Then I’ll come back here and remind myself of how I felt when I said that I am perfect. I’ll say it to myself again. I’ll speak it to my life again. I’ll call forth the things that are not as though they were. I’ll do this and more because I am as the Lord made me!